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"For All of Your Window Panes"

"For All of Your Window Panes"

Residential Window Care

Alpha Dog Window Care understands the important role that windows play in the comfort and beauty of your home. Windows help protect your home's interior from the elements and extreme temperature swings that we experience here in the Northwest. They are also instrumental in enhancing the style and beauty of your home.

Window Services

Window Replacement

Our expert staff will work with you to help you feel comfortable in choosing the best product for your particular project. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to types and styles available, which why we feel that it is important to understand your needs and help guide you through the selection process with our free consultation.

Window Repair

Sometimes new windows aren't necessary to make your windows perform and look almost like new again. Often existing windows just need a little TLC. Failed and broken glass or windows that just aren't operating properly can often be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole window.


Skylights are great for allowing natural light to flood your living space or to help heat your home's interior with natural heat. With time skylights begin to get collect debris, discolor or begin to breakdown from the constant exposure to natural elements. If your skylights are showing the signs of age and need attention, let us help. Our friendly staff can help you decide on the right solutions for your skylight problem.

Door Services


One of the first things that someone sees when passing by or approaching the front of your house is the front door. If your front door doesn't have the curb appeal that you desire, we can help. Doors also need to function properly. Who wants to use a door that sticks or is hard to slide all the time? By calling us you can be assured that we will honestly help you determine if your door needs to be replaced or if it just a matter of repairing it.

Door Replacement

Doors serve several purposes, they provide security for your family and home, they help protect your space from the elements, and they provide style and beauty. There are numerous types and styles of entry doors, making the process of choosing a replacement door challenging. We will provide you with a free consultation and use our expertise and experience to help you feel more confident in selecting the door that best fits your needs.

Door Repair

Doors that don't operate properly don't always need to be replaced. Sometimes hardware or weather strips wear out and doors stick or become drafty. Often when sliding doors become hard to open it is because the rollers have worn out. We can help you diagnose your door operation problems and provide you with the right parts to make your door operate almost like new again.

Additional Services

We provide service for just about anything glass related in and around your home from custom shower doors and glass shower enclosures to glass deck railing.

Custom Glass Shower Door Glass deck railing


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